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[BOSOD] Brightening Serum for Oil-Water Balanced, soothing and smoothing skin For Men (1.01fl.oz./30ml)

  • Formulated with botanical ingredient and collagen for smoothing and sliky skin.

  • For hydrating, soothing and vitalizing skin.

  • For the best results, use with bosod skin care products.

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# For all skin types?
Brightening and Moisturizing Serum to Make Skin Clear and Glowing.BOSOD Brightening Serum adds energy and glow to dull, rough skin stimulated by unsound environment and brightens overall skin tone.

# Main Ingredients?
- Recharging and soothing skin with moisture and energy : Juniper Fruit Extract, Oat Kernel Extract
- Moisturizing and protecting skin, treating skin texture : Water-soluble Collagen

# Take a Shortcut and Become Mr. Handsome with Perfect Skin with BOSOD!?
- How to use foam cleanser befitting your skin type : All skincare starts with thorough cleansing.
Start with cleansing foam by making a generous lather using the hands.
Apply on skin to remove waste materials and sebum gently and keep skin moisturized.
- How to use sunscreen : Exposure to ultraviolet rays is the main cause of skin aging.
Be sure to choose sunscreen products that feel light without any feeling of stickiness and white cast,
or use BB cream with sunscreen specially formulated for men.
-How to use cosmetic products step-by-step!
Skin toner tones and hydrates skin, and lotion forms a protective shield on skin to prevent the evaporation of
moisture and to prepare skin for the absorption of cream in the next steps.

# The TS Miracle Nude Foundation is recommended for concerns like?
- I have flaky, dull skin.
- I have irregular, rough skin texture.
- I have oily skin lacking moisture, and I don? like stickiness.

- Paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, propylene glycol, sulfate-based surfactants, triethanolamine, artificial color

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