DAMMANN FRERES Chamomile Tea, 24 Cristal Teabags

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DAMMANN FRERES Chamomile Tea, 24 Cristal Teabags

  • High-end French tea, bagged

  • 24 enveloped Cristal teabags

  • Product packed in France

  • A calming herbal camomille tea with a smooth taste

  • A herbal tea as a prelude to the night.

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Cultivated in the temperate zones of Europe, its flowers are harvested from June to September. The infusion carries notes of citron and a light bitterness, akin to that of chicory, giving a long-lasting experience. Can be used to add a hint of aroma to salads and desserts. (Brewing time: 2 to 4 minutes).

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Brands Dammann Freres
Size 0.84 oz

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