DAMMANN FRERES Earl Grey Tea, 24 Cristal Teabags

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DAMMANN FRERES Earl Grey Tea, 24 Cristal Teabags

  • High-end French tea, bagged in 24 Cristal teabags

  • A comforting tea, with a bit of citrus. A perfect balance

  • Traditional oriental blend, with subtle bergamot taste from Calabria

  • Black tea and white tips, bergamot essential oil, flower petals

  • Sourced from Keemun region in China, packed in France

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Love Earl Greys? Maybe you drink it everywhere, at home, at work, or with friends. No matter, Earl Grey is a staple for many, and Dammann Frères is sure to please! Depending on the length of your steep, the bergamot essential oil (extracted from the Bergamot orange) that permeates the tea leaves can give you a subtle or biting taste, whichever you prefer. A bit of history, shall we? There are far too many tales concerning the origins of Earl Grey, however it is most likely crafted by a Mandarin tea seller at the request of Charles Grey to mask the taste of the local water!

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Brands Dammann Freres
Size 1.7 Oz

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