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Darphin Ideal Resource Light Re-Birth Overnight Cream

  • Switch your skin - and your mind - from day defense to night repair in one step.

  • Wake up with radiant skin after only one night.

  • This elegant cream featuring Neroli essential oil, Knotweed and White Hibiscus restores skin's glow, stimulates natural collagen production and promotes cell renewal every night.

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Skin appears renewed; clear and luminous.
Radiance is dramatically improved.
Skin is velvety soft to the touch.
Skin is perfectly hydrated and smoothed.
"A professional botanical Parisian skincare line based on a harmonious blend of plants and pure essential oils." - Pierre Darphin, 1960

Darphin is the Parisian skincare brand that treats discerning women to the pleasure of our perfect performance. Darphin fuses the finest botanical ingredients, innovative technologies, professional expertise and specialized, sensory techniques. The more you experience their skincare, the more you will appreciate its unique sensuality and exquisite results - the healthy-looking luster it gives your complexion and the awakening of your senses through our artful formulation.

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