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Dr Jackson's - 100% Certified Organic 04 Coconut Melt (15 ml)

  • This 'Everything' Balm Contains 100% Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Known For Its Rehydrating, Emollient + Elasticizing Properties

  • Solid At Room Temperature But Melting Upon Touch, The 04 Coconut Melt Is Perfect For Soothing Dryness, Smoothing The Appearance Of Fine Lines + Illuminating The Complexion

  • Suitable For All Skin Types, Gentle On Sensitive Skin

  • Paraben Free, Sulfate Free

  • 100% Natural, Certified Organic

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This 'everything' balm contains 100% certified organic coconut oil, known for its rehydrating, emollient and elasticizing properties. Solid at room temperature but melting upon touch, the 04 Coconut Melt is perfect for soothing dryness, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and illuminating the complexion. The 15ml pot is ideal for use on the go whenever you need a fast-acting, moisturizing fix for your skin or hair - whether to soften lips and cuticles, act as a natural highlighter for cheekbones, or condition split ends.

- Suitable for all skin types, gentle on sensitive skin

- All Natural Ingredients

- Paraben free, Sulfate free

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SKU B07255546T
Brands Dr. Jacksons
Size 15 ml

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