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Global G-56-7 inch, 18cm Vegetable Hollow Ground Knife

  • 7-inch Hollow Ground vegetable knifeby Global

  • Crafted of high-tech molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel

  • Ice-tempered cutting edge retains razor sharpness

  • Tapered handle molded for lightweight comfort, dimpled for safe grip

  • Lifetime warranty against defects and breakage

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Easily slice through vegetables with the seven inch vegetable knife from Global. This knife is made from a single piece of high quality CROMOVA 18 stainless steel. Grooves help prevent food from sticking to the blade and it has an ice hardened, convex edge so it holds a sharp edge for a long time, allowing you can make a batch of delicious sweet potato fries. It has an ergonomic handle with a dimple pattern making it comfortable and slip resistant, useful for repetitive slicing. The knife's perfect weight is achieved through the hollow handle that is filled with sand for ideal balance. While this knife is great for vegetables it is also useful for cutting meats, fish, and even fruits.

7" L

Meticulously crafted for superior all-around performance, Global's kitchen knives leave no detail unattended. This versatile 7-inch vegetable knife from the Hollow Ground line is a case in point. The blade is molded from the finest molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel, giving it extraordinary strength as well as rust- and corrosion-free durability. Ground straight to a point and ice-tempered, the cutting edge is extremely precise and maintains its sharpness longer than any beveled blade. Oval notches along the blade reduce friction and keep food from clinging as the knife cuts.

Equally as important as the blade, Global's signature handle design offers impeccable quality and balance. Its steel surface is molded to fit the hand and dimpled to resist slipping. It also tapers as it reaches the end, reducing its weight for easier dicing and chopping. Sleeker than many European-style handles, this tool is comfortable for small-handed cooks to grasp. The knife also keeps a trim and light profile by eliminating the bolster and instead balancing the tool with sand injected into the handle that flows as the knife is maneuvered. For optimum sanitation, the tool is constructed completely without seams. This knife is best washed by hand and sharpened with a ceramic sharpener or diamond steel. It carries a lifetime warranty against defects and breakage. --Kara Karll

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Brands Global
Color Stainless Steel
Size 7 Inch

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