Global GS-3-5 inch, 13cm Cook's Knife

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Global GS-3-5 inch, 13cm Cook's Knife

  • Precisely cuts, slices, chops, or dices a variety of foods

  • 5-inch blade constructed of ice-tempered and hardened stainless steel

  • Resists rust, stains, and corrosion. CROMOVA stainless steel

  • Hollow handle provides comfort and balance

  • Hand washing is recommended

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Cut perfect portions of fish and potatoes to make fish and chips with this chef's utility knife from Global. This knife is made from a single piece of high quality CROMOVA 18 stainless steel that has been ice hardened so it will maintain a sharper edge for longer time. You can slice through food more efficiently with the unique convex. This small knife is perfect for small pieces of meat and vegetables. It has an ergonomic handle with a dimple pattern making it comfortable and slip resistant, useful for repetitive slicing. The knife's perfect weight is achieved through the hollow handle that is filled with sand for ideal balance. This small knife is perfect for all purpose use for small foods and meats.

5" L

Global knives are appreciated for their sleek, cutting-edge design and quality stainless-steel edges, and this 5-inch utility knife proudly continues the Global tradition. The razor-sharp edge cuts with striking efficiency, resulting in a neatly sliced tomato, cheese slice, or lime. The blade is constructed of ice-tempered and hardened stainless steel, and its edge stays sharp far longer than similar blades while resisting rust, stains, and corrosion. Put a Global knife in your hand and you'll notice its lightweight comfort and delightful balance, which is especially handy when slicing multiple fruits or veggies for a large gathering. The knife features thin blades and a hollow handle, and it should fit in many (if not most) knife blocks. Hand washing is recommended. --Rivers Janssen

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SKU B00005OL3S
Brands Global
Color Stainless Steel
Size 5.25 Inch

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