MONTALE Aoud Musk Eau De Parfume 50ml

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MONTALE Aoud Musk Eau De Parfume 50ml

  • Main notes: Amber, Vetiver, Ebony, Saffron, Agarwood, Musk

  • Unisex perfume

  • Made in France

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Aoud Musk, one of Montale’s recently launched Brown Collection, plays on the contrasting warmth of its two main notes. The plushness of the musk settles like a sweet haze on the skin, wrapping the more forceful oud in its sensuous languor. Saffron bolsters the leathery facets of agarwood and vetiver adds a further touch of smokiness, while amber adds a soft, powdery touch to the blend. This is oud tamed and stroked into a throaty purr, with just the barest tip of a claw showing.

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