O'Douds - Traditional Pomade (Light Hold, Bay Rum)

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O'Douds - Traditional Pomade (Light Hold, Bay Rum)

  • Traditional Pomade Is An Oil-Based, Petroleum-free Formula, Available In Three Varying Holds

  • This Pomade Was O'Douds' Original Product, Created & Purposed To Not Only Help You Look Good, But To Keep Your Hair Nourished, Soft & Healthy

  • These Traditional Pomades Are Great Options For Anyone That Is Looking For Higher Shine, Extreme Control Or Just A More Traditional Look

  • Note: Some Of The Natural Ingredients Will Remain In Your Hair After Washing It, Providing Some Hold And Moisture Even On Days That You Do Not Apply Any Pomade

  • 4 oz - All Natural, Handcrafted & Well-Sourced

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O'Douds started out as nothing more than a hobby performed in the kitchen of the founder's apartment. This hobby was born out of the deep passion for natural, made-by-hand, high-quality, and well-sourced goods. In an evergrowing market of questionable quality and ingredient sourcing, O'Douds was driven by a passion for transparency, truth, and function within the often misleading, claim-ridden cosmetic world. With a company that doesn't compromise when it comes to quality and is always striving to be better, one can feel assured these are the best products available and they will only continue to get better.

Castor Oil

Is a common yet remarkably versatile ingredient that contributes to scalp/hair detoxification and repair. Antioxidants and minerals assist in boosting healthy scalp/hair and retaining moisture.

Soy Wax

A great source of Vitamin E, soy oil is made up of mainly fatty acids and antioxidants.

Candelilla Wax

Derived from the Candelilla plant, this natural wax possesses extraordinary film-forming & protective properties.

Jojoba Oil

The moisturizing oils contained in jojoba are so similar to the skin's natural sebum, the scalp/hair welcomes the nourishment, absorbing easily. Jojoba sinks deeply into the scalp/hair, balancing oil production and soothing irritation. It also eases inflamed skin and hydrates dry dull hair follicles.

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Brands Odouds
Size 4.0 oz

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