Odacite Rosehip Ylang Ylang Serum Concentrate

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Odacite Rosehip Ylang Ylang Serum Concentrate

  • Why it is so effective: One of the most regenerative oils, Rosehip synergistically pairs with Ylang-Ylang to enhance antioxidant activity, helping to reverse free-radical damage and slow down the aging process.

  • Ylang-Ylang is known, in aromatherapy, for its aphrodisiac and euphoric effects, helping combat anxiety and stress. Directions: Alternate or blend from the collection of Serum Concentrates to target the specific needs of your skin.

  • 1- Daily Skin-Booster: Twice Daily In the palm of your hand, mix 2-3 drops into your daily dose of creme. 2- Intensive Treatment Massage a few drops into clean dry skin.

  • For extra hydration, first dampen skin with one of the Odacite facial mist. Apply a few drops on wet skin.

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Regenerative serum concentrated with potent bio-actives that help to reverse wrinkles & smooth out facial lines while improving skin hydration and discoloration.

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