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Parker 99R Safety Razor Shave Set - Includes Premium Black Badger Brush, Stainless Steel Stand & Parker 99R Butterfly Open Safety Razor

  • Includes a Parker 99R Butterfly Open Safety Razor

  • Genuine Parker Black Badger Bristle Brush with Marbled Ivory Handle

  • Deluxe Modern 100% Stainless Steel Brush Stand

  • This shave set will provide years of service and barbershop-close shaves at home

  • A great gift for yourself or for any wet shaver

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This set contains a Parker 99R butterfly-open safety razor, genuine badger brush and modern stainless steel stand. Each component in the shaving set has been perfectly matched. The Parker 99R has a brass frame and sports a twist to open butterfly head for easy blade replacement and a wonderful balance at 3.0 ounces. Our deluxe brush has pure badger bristles with a 22mm brush knot. It is hand crafted for quality. Whether you are new to wet shaving or an experienced double edge shaver, this set will impress.

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