Puppia Authentic Junior Harness B, Medium, Beige

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Puppia Authentic Junior Harness B, Medium, Beige

  • Size: Extra Small-Neck-10.4", Chest-13.0" to 13.8"

  • Checkered and Solid Schemed

  • Material: 50-percent Cotton 50-percent Polyester (shell), 100-percent Cotton (lining)

  • Please check the sizing chart image for correct size. The size chart indicates the actual measurement of the product. (Please make sure your dog's measurement do not exceed the size chart measurement)

  • Unlike human clothes, pet apparel designers have different sizing characteristics. Please do not purchase a Puppia harness based on the size of another manufactuerer/designers.

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The Junior Harness B (Vest-type) shares the same pattern and fabric with the same preppy look as the Junior Harness A. This is a vest-type of harness which makes it a lot easier to put on your dog. The Junior Harness B is available in Pink, Beige and Black in sizes ranging from extra small to large. Matching leash is also available and sold separately. Please note that because these products were created with small/medium dog breeds in mind, larger sizes (i.e. Large, Extra-Large, etc.) do not necessarily mean larger breeds. Please refer to image of the size chart. Weight figures are for estimates only. Always use actual measurements.Please note that when measuring your dog, the measurement for the neck must be taken at the BASE OF THE NECK and chest girth must be taken behind the front legs. Also it is important to take into account the size of the dog's head as well as neck girth and chest girth. Since some dogs have a much larger head than their neck, please be sure that the neck opening is large enough to slide over your dog's head. It’s important to measure chest girth and neck girth of dog before customer purchase this harness. This harness would fit a dog with 11” neck girth and 14.5” to 15.35” chest girth.

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Brands Puppia
Color Beige

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