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Graydon Skincare - All Natural Hair Smoothie Conditioner (8.0 fl oz / 240 ml)

  • Hair Smoothie Nourishes Your Lovely Locks With Nutrient-Rich Ingredients, Including Broccoli Seed Oil, While Infusing Your Scalp With Healthy Hair Growth Essential Oils Of Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme

  • This Silicone-Free Formulation Will Leave Your Hair Super Soft & Smooth, But Not Weighed Down. Great For All Hair Types!

  • Paraben free, Sulfate free

  • Gluten free, Cruelty free

  • 8.0 fl oz / 240 ml

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Broccoli Seed Oil

Broccoli oil's unique combination of fatty acids makes for a wonderful non- greasy lubricative consistency which happens to mimic the molecular feel of silicone, making it a popular choice in personal care products. This cold pressed oil comes from the cruciferous family of vegetables, and contains sulforaphane which has detoxifying and anti-oxidative qualities. It also contains eurcic acid, which mimics human sebum and can help control the overproduction of sebum which can lead to acne.

Sunflower Oil

Has high amounts of Vitamins A, B, D and E, minerals, and also has beneficial amounts of lecithin and unsaturated fatty acids. Deeply nourishing, sunflower oil helps to treat dry & damaged skin as well as eczema and psoriasis.

Coconut Oil

An excellent as a skin + hair softener, and in its unrefined form has a wonderful rich aroma!

Green Tea Extract

A rich source of antioxidants including Vitamin C and E and is said to help repair the effects of aging and environmental factors.


Helps to removes toxins that have built up in your cells over time. It aids in removing the burden of toxins your skin is bearing, and will also help nourish your starving cells with 'skin food', such as trace minerals (which are essential nutrients that your skin needs to thrive).

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Brands Graydon Skincare
Size 8.0 Fl Oz

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