Susanne Kaufmann Face Fluid Line F

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Susanne Kaufmann Face Fluid Line F

  • The face fluid Line F is an innovative care for the oily t-zone and dry cheeks.

  • This light and balancing fluid nourishes the skin without stressing it.

  • The light and moisturizing care helps the skin to regain its balance and ensures a clear complexion.

  • Like all products of the Line F, it contains an herbal compound derived from calendula blossoms, camomile flowers and witch-hazel.

  • The effective plant essences compensate the excessive sebum production and stabilize the moisture balance. The finest sunflower oil serves as a base.

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Susanne Kaufmann comes from the Bregenzer Forest, a unique valley in the Alps where the knowledge of the healing powers of nature are passed down from generation to generation. From an early age, she has always been fascinated by the idea of using the intensive effect of the Alpine plant world in a modern manner for beauty, health and comfort.

Together with a team of pharmacists and dermatologists, Susanne developed powerful results-oriented products from precious natural ingredients. Skin-specific formulas and the greatest possible compatibility were part of the concept from the very beginning. Today, the internationally renowned holistic care line, Susanne Kaufmann organic treats, comprises more than 60 functional products.

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